Retreat in Daily Life

Facing the storm

Prayers and Reflections shared by Gill Jones

The 12 are shocked by a unexpected, overwhelming storm. As experienced as they are, they are afraid. Their anxiety is that the boat will sink. That they will drown. Jesus does not seem to be involved in their crisis, and so, they call to Him for help.

Storms can come into all our lives. Now we face a storm, so unexpected, so great, that we might also be afraid. Coronavirus is changing our lives, our society and our world.

Imagine you are in your boat, facing the storm you fear most.

Jesus is in the boat with you. He always is.

Call out to Him, ask His help.

Lord, I am in a storm………. I am weary of……….anxious and concerned about……… Lord I am afraid. Help me Lord. I need Your………..

I need Your Peace and Your…………

Fear not for I am with You, I will help you. I will uphold you with My

righteous right hand. Isaiah. 41 v 10

John ch,6 v 37.

Jesus said “I will never turn away anyone who comes to me”

Reflection on “ Christ be with me”.

“Christ be with me,”

Not a request, a fact! Jesus said. “I will be with you always” Matthew, ch 28 v 20

“Christ within me,”

Jesus makes His home in our hearts. He never forgets us. Psalm 139 reminds us how close God is to each of us.

“Christ behind me,”

Jesus walks through your past. In the dark rooms He brings light. To our sorrows He brings forgiveness. Pain He enfolds with His love.

“Christ before me,”

We do not know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future.

“Christ beside me.”

In my loneliness, His presence, in my weakness, strength, in doubts guidance.

In any need, He gives Himself.

“Christ to win me,”

Lord, you have called me by name. So often I forget you, you do not forget me. You have carved my name on the palm of your hand.

Isaiah ch, 49 v 16

“Christ to comfort and restore me,”

He does not crush the bruised reed, nor, blow out the flickering flame. He binds up the broken hearted. Matthew: 12 v 20

“Christ beneath me,”

Underneath us are the everlasting arms of God. We can not fall out of His hand.

“Christ above me,”

He prays for me at the right hand of the Father.

“Christ in quiet.”

His still small voice speaks to our hearts.

His message is “I Love You!”

“Christ in danger”

“ When you pass through the waters they will not overcome you. When you go through fire, it will not consume you”.

Isaiah ch, 43 v16

Lord Jesus, You know me through and through. You call me to cast my burdens on You. Lord help me with……………..

Have patience with me in my ……………

Comfort me in my……………

I pray for……………..

Lord, hold my hand and walk with me into the future, Amen

Reflection on the Anima Christi

Soul of Christ, sanctify me. Body of Christ, save me.

Blood of Christ, inebriate me, water from the side of Christ wash me. Passion of Christ strengthen me. O good Jesus hear me. Within Your wounds hide me. Do not allow me to be separated from You. From the malevolent enemy defend me. In the hour of my death challenge me, and bid me come to You, that with your saints I may praise You forever and ever. Amen

Say the prayer slowly verse by verse. Then ask yourself:

What verse stands out for me, how do I feel about it?

What do I find hardest about this prayer, why is that so ?

Do you ever feel separated from Jesus? Does this prayer comfort you?

How can the passion of Jesus strengthen you?

Do you believe Jesus does all this for you? How does that make you feel?

What do you want to say to Jesus?……..

What does Jesus say to you in this prayer?…….

Read the prayer again. Slowly, verse by verse.

Is there anything else you need to say to Jesus?

Choose one phrase from this prayer and take it with you through the day.


Ask yourself how has my verse related to my life today? Say the prayer again. Listen for anything Jesus wants to say to you. Thank Him…

Palm Sunday

He “set His face to Jerusalem” Luke ch 9 v 55-56.

He knew He was going to die. He said of His life “no one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of My own accord”. John 10 v 18. He knew He faced the cross.

Jesus enters Jerusalem with the crowd shouting, “Hosanna”, Which means “God save us”.

Jesus loved you more than his own life

Paul tells us “the Son of God loved me and gave His life for me”. Gal:2 v19

Pause and let that sink in. Take that verse into the day,

Carry it with you.

This Jesus did for you. “I lay down My life in order to

take it up again” John 10 v 17. He has saved us.

Is there something you need to be saved from ?

Tell Jesus about this.

How do you respond ?

Is there something God wants you to face up to?

Are there important decisions God is asking you to make?

What do you offer Him. Let us join in with the great prayer

of Ignatius of Loyola.

Teach me Lord, to serve You as You deserve,

To give and not to count the cost,

To fight and not to heed the wounds,

To toil and not to ask for rest,

To labour and not to ask for any reward ,save that of knowing that I do Your will.

Jesus said “I thirst “John 19 v 28.

Jesus is close to death. The moment is coming. All you can do is stand there with Him in His suffering.

Imagine you are there at the cross.

Notice who is there, and, who is not there.

Hear the sobs of Mary and John, and the moans of agony from Jesus.

Feel the heat of the day, notice the sky begin to change and darken.

Taste the dust of the day,

Look at Jesus, hanging there, on the cross.

Then to your surprise, He looks straight at you and smiles at you.

With His head, He beckons you to come closer to the cross.

You come as close as you can.

Then He speaks to you, “ what do you fear? what is it that hurts you?

What regrets trouble you so much? Share with Me, I am listening to you.

Leave it all with Me at the foot of the cross. I’ve got it. Go in peace.”

He is pouring our His life for you, now, pour out your heart to Him.

When you have finished, notice how He looks at you with such love.

How do you feel? is there anything more you need to say to Him?

Jesus said “ it is finished”. And bowing a His head, He gave up His Spirit.

John 29 v 30.

Finding inner peace.

Isaiah 43 v1-5. “Fear not for I have redeemed you, I have called you by your name. You are mine”.

Realise this is God speaking to you. He knows your name, who you are, where you hurt, what you desire.

He holds you in the palm of His hand, and, will never forget you.

Matt: 11 v 28-30. ‘Come to Me, all you who are overburdened, and I will give you rest’.

Are you weary, anxious, lonely ?

Jesus knows. He understands. He can give you strength and hope. Let Him help you.

John 1 v 38. Jesus turned and saw them following and said ‘What do you seek ?

He can bring to you all you truly need. He wants to bless you and give generously to you. Tell Him what you are really looking for.

John 6 v 37. Jesus said ‘ I will never turn away anyone who comes to Me’.

He is never too busy, always willing to listen. Always there for you, close by your side.

He offers us His peace if we trust Him with ourselves.

Lord, we live in very troubled times. So many things concern me…………

Sometimes I feel……….and I need…………

Jesus speak Your word of peace to my troubled heart.


God is love.

We believe that God is love, and that God loves us,

Isaiah 54 v 10.

‘Though the mountains be shaken and the hills removed, yet My unfailing love for you will not be shaken’. We need to hear that love, spoken to us, at the depth of our being.

Jesus reveals this love and offers it to us.

‘Now Mary stood outside the tomb weeping’. John 20 v11

Jesus comes to her but she does not recognise Him , until……‘Jesus said the her, “Mary”.

He spoke her name as only He can. Imagine the love, compassion, understanding, that filled His voice. His knowledge of her and commitment to her are summed up in the way He speaks her name.

That is how He speaks your name.

Imagine you are in the garden and the Risen Jesus comes to you,

How does He speak your name?

How do you answer Him?……..

Love calls for a response of love…

Will you take the risk of loving Him back?

Are you willing to trust Him completely?

Mary at the tomb, Jesus speaks her name in love.

Prayer Poem

It’s hard to fail.

Luke 15 v 21 ‘Father, I have sinned’.

All of us fail sometimes, even the 12.

Matt. 26 v75. ‘ Peter went outside and wept bitterly’.

I love You Lord,

Despite the times I turn and walk away,

Despite the hard words on the angry day,

Despite the times I somehow do not pray.

I love You Lord.

Despite the things that I should not have done,

Despite the battle that I shouldn’t have won,

Despite the work unfinished, though begun.

I love You Lord,

For all the love that You will ever give,

For the promise of a better life to live,

Four Your, understanding, calm and sympathy,

For all the times You stop to talk to me.

For the moments that You take me by the hand,

and lead me safely through the shifting sand.

For the times You give me guidance that is wise,

For the kindness and compassion in a Your eyes.

I love You Lord,

And so I pledge my life to a You today,

To be the voice for words you want to say.

To be the arm that offers a Your embrace,

The eyes that shine with Your love and grace.

To be the heart that bears another’s pain

That where I am Your influence will reign.