Solihull Parish has something for everyone through the three churches of the Parish.

Here you can find out how to engage with the Church at whatever stage you find yourself on the faith journey. 


Whether you are a regular at one of our churches, a newcomer to the area, or are just wanting to know more, there is almost certainly something for you.

  • Throughout the parish there are many regular activities and events for children, young people, adults - indeed all members of the family.

  • Some are held weekly and others less frequently, but there is something for everyone.

  • Click on the "Church Groups" button to see what's available.



Social Events : Solihull Parish isn't all about worship, care and learning. We also have a thriving and vibrant social calendar.


Church Groups : There is so much going on in the parish, we've created a directory where you can search for what you might be interested in.  There are over fifty activities going on, so there must be something for you!



The three churches in the parish extend a particularly warm welcome to families. We offer a wide selection of Sunday services tailored to the needs of families with children aged 0-11, and there are also many activities which take place during the week. Children over 11 can attend other activities for young people.

Social Events

Solihull Parish isn't all about worship and learning. We also have a thriving and vibrant social calendar.

Social events cater for all ages and specific ages, with some events especially aimed at younger people or adults, as well as many family occasions and all age functions.
They may be held parish wide, or with the focus on a particular church centre or interest group. 
All our churches think that it is an important part of church life to have the opportunity to meet on a social level.  So we make sure there are many occasions across the parish to do so. These are not fund raising but fun raising events and as such they are chances for the members of all the congregations to meet with each other.
Examples of our fun raising activities are pot luck lunches, a barn dance, barbeques, beetle drives and summer fêtes.  We are of course open to new ideas and suggestions, and of course to offers of help.

There's lots going throughout the parish for children and their families - from midweek groups like Prams to Preschool Praise and Play and Friday Fun @ 4 and All Age Services. There are also one off events like the Bright and Light Party and Journey to the Stable.
For more details :
Or for further information contact Linda Hicks our Parish Children's Worker by email or telephone her on 0121 270 7390 or 07838 670772.

Events at St Alphege for Families with Young Children
There are a number of events that happen regularly at St Alphege which are particularly intended for families with young children.

Sunday Worship

Daddy and Me

Staying in touch
We send out an email once a month for families with young children to let them know what is going on as well as being loaded onto this website. To be sent a copy each month please email your details to Richard Moll.

Events at St Helen for Families with Young Children
Sunday Worship

Events at St Michael for Families with Young Children
Sunday Worship
Here you will find information on all things associated with the youth work in the parish. In brief this entails events and activities happening throughout the parish in each of the church districts. The base of operations can be found next door to the Parish Office in the Oliver Bird Hall behind St. Alphege Church. Here you will find the youth team hard at work planning, preparing, organising, discussing and drinking coffee!
So let's introduce you to the team:
Mike Kelly  
  our Youth Minister arrived in the Parish during Summer 2011, keen and eager to move our youth work into its next stage. Always willing to have a chat over a coffee so feel free to pop into the office.
07737 231429  


Debbie Woodward  
  joined the team in November 2011. Her role is to help organise events and recruit volunteers. Always ready for a friendly chat but speak to her at your peril as she will have you signed up to help!


Lynn Smart  
  is our valued Youth Work administrator who is ever recycling and bringing order to the mounds of paper work and emails. Preferring tea with no milk and wouldn't say no to chocolate.
To contact any of the team the Youth Office is open from Tuesdays to Fridays from 10am until 5pm.
Address : The Youth Office, The Oliver Bird Hall, Church Hill Road, Solihull B91 3RQ
Phone : 0121 661 6303
Mikes Mobile & eMail adresses are linked above

There is lots going on this term. It’s packed with stuff to get involved in.
The Sunday morning groups Gospel & Toast, Holy Crunch Bunch and Club One continue to meet at their different churches.  Look out for more information about all this throughout the term.