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Faith Courses

Learning plays a big part in growing in the Christian faith.


One strand of the church’s mission, therefore, is to make such learning easily accessible through courses and literature.


In Solihull we run four regular courses for those exploring the Christian faith.

  • Just Explore : A 10 week course exploring key aspects of the Christian faith

  • Explore More : The follow up course from Just Explore

  • 3D : Bible based course for established Christians

  • Listening Course : To enable you to develop listening skills.

Just Explore

A 10 week course which explores key aspects of the Christian faith in a relaxed and informal setting where you have an opportunity to ask anything. No question is too simple or too challenging. This is an opportunity to listen, learn, discuss and discover.
Who is it for?
  • Those wanting to investigate Christianity
  • Newcomers to the Church
  • Adults who wish to be confirmed
  • Those who want a refresher on the basics

Explore More

Explore More is a follow up course for those who have completed Just Explore and is run with the same format. The content is designed to help you to continue thinking, questioning and developing as you journey on in your faith.

The course is run over 10 weeks on Thursday evenings during the autumn, at St Michael’s Chapel, Bryanston Road. We try to offer a weekday morning course as well.
3D Course

The 3D course is the Birmingham Diocesan course for Developing Disciples. It is a Bible-based study course for established Christians who want to develop their understanding and discipleship.
By the end of the 3D course people will have:
  • A clearer overview of the Bible.
  • Knowledge of the key themes of the Bible.
  • More confidence to express their faith and to live it out in daily life.
  • A wider understanding of other Christians who come from different traditions and viewpoints.
  • A more developed sense of gifts and callings.
  • More awareness of sharing in the life of the Church, gathered together in prayer and sent out in service.

Listening Course

An occasional course offering a lively and practical way of beginning to develop the listening attitudes and skills that we need. Offered under the auspices of Acorn Christian Foundation, this course offers foundational teaching on the value of listening to others, to God and ourselves. Contact Anne Rock.
Other Courses

Within the Parish there are often courses on various subjects offered from time to time, as well as weekly Lent groups in the build up to Easter.
Details of these are found in the Solihull Parish News - the magazine for all the Anglican Churches in the Parish - and here on this website as they become available.