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Growth Groups

Growth Groups (or House Groups) meet in people's homes and provide opportunities to learn more about the Faith and its relevance to everyday problems and issues.


They are for everyone and there are no ‘entry requirements'.


Typically six to twelve people meet together monthly.

What do they do?
Growth groups make their own choices about what to study. Usually there is a particular theme for several meetings so that members can really get to grips with an issue. All meetings include prayer.

What sort of people belong?
All sorts of people attend. Some have very little theological background and some rather more; none are experts and all are equally welcome. The common factor is that members are mutually supportive.

Some people make regular contributions and some prefer to listen. All can share their experience, their questions or their concerns in a secure and loving group.

What happens at Growth Group meetings and how long do they last?
Usually starting at 8.00 pm, these meetings last about an hour and a half. After welcoming members, who are often old friends, but sometimes new, the leader introduces the material to be discussed.

What have these groups discussed recently?
Each of these groups has frequently used short courses produced by the Diocese of York. These courses provide short booklets and a CD or tape with about ten minutes of material for each session, to start off discussion. The course booklets include bible passages, prayers and questions. Growth groups make their own decisions about those parts of the material offered on which they will concentrate. One of the groups has completed Mary Williams’ comprehensive bible study course ‘A Bird’s Eye View of the Bible’.
How many Growth Groups are there?
At present there are three groups, which meet monthly in the evening. Information about these groups, and when they meet, may be seen in the weekly St Alphege pew slip or obtained from the Parish Office (0121 705 5350). In the past there have been other groups, including one held in the afternoon, and there is always the opportunity to set up a new group
How do I find out more?
Dates, times and contact numbers for growth groups may also be obtained from the Parish Office.
Growth Groups - St. Helen's Church:
There are a number of Growth Groups meeting fortnightly and monthly, in different homes. They vary in format with a mixture of discussion, Bible study and prayer. They are valuable in helping to get to know each other better as well as giving us the opportunity for learning more about Faith in an informal way. If you are interested in joining a group, please contact Chris & Jenny Carrington.