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Malawi Container : Arrived in Mtuntham 6th June

posted 14 Jun 2014, 07:21 by Solihull Parish   [ updated 20 Jan 2016, 20:37 ]
From Malawi :

Yesterday was a wonderful day when the community received the
container. It was so wonderful.
it arrived at 5:30 am and started unloading at 8:00am till 2:00 pm.
distribution of item took us to 5:30 pm. I missed my lunch but I could
feel no hunger. God is Great and Mtunthama is blessed.

Distribution went well except for one minor problem that Boyson wanted
all the chairs, tables and Organ to go to the orphanage. But after
some discussions we resolved the matter though he was not happy. All
chairs, tables, shelves, and benches have gone to the orphanage,
Primary and secondary schools and the Hospital. No chair has gone to
the church this time excerpt for the organ seat. The church has
benefited the organ lectern and vestments.
I and my family have benefited all parcels labeled personal and one bicycle.
Michael is Keeping all the scout boxes. Mother's Union have benefited
All the three machines and haberdashery.
All linen,children and adult clothes knitted jumpers, blankets,
sheets,bedding, bibles, towels and all the parcels labeled orphanage
have been given to the orphanage.

Personal Items: I and my entire family are very great full to the
personal gifts given to us. Rejoice is very pleased with the dolls and
today wanted not to go to church  in order to play with her dolls.
Wisdom wake very early in the morning today looking for his water gun.
As I'm writing this email, Gabriel and his brother are playing snakes
and radder. Esther is very very happy with all what you sent to her.
The mirror, as I see it, seems to be the beautiful thing in our house.
Thank you for the cases and bags, towels and sheets personally sent to
us. We have received them with great pleasure.

As for the church, the whole congregation today was more than happy to
see the organ and vestments. People kept on clapping hands again and
again as they were shouting "God is great!, God is great!" While
others were saying: "Praise the Lord!" My Savers could not wait to
take off their usual vestment and put on the red ones. Graham and
Angela, I tell you there was drama in the Church today. Schools
Hospital and Orphanage haven't yet opened their boxes. May be

God bless you.
I will send you pictures tomorrow and a full report within the week.

Items for Mzuzu were collected by Mr. Msukwa, Dicesan Education
Secretery for the Diocese of Northern Malawi. There were also some
item for Nkhotakota which have been collected by Mr. Jaseman Saver,
the headmaster of Bishop Mtekateka secondary school and director of
Nkhotakota Lay Training Center. I,m keeping one sewing machine for
Agnes Mkoko and some few items which were supposed to be unloaded at
Blantyre and one at Malosa. I will try to send these  to the owners.
I wish you a good stay with Agnes Mkoko.

More in few days to come.

In Christian Love,