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Stewardship Sunday : 23rd Feb 2014

posted 16 Feb 2014, 20:00 by Solihull Parish   [ updated 20 Jan 2016, 20:53 ]
The information below will provide you with the background to the 2014 Stewardship Appeal and explain why an increase in regular planned giving is needed if we want the church to continue to develop its work within and outside the Parish of Solihull.

The work being carried out by our church community is so extensive that it can’t be done entirely by volunteers. So, in addition to our clergy, the church employs specialist staff to lead
areas of our activities that require professional skills.
For the last year or two we have not covered all the cost of our activities and this needs to be corrected if the church is to continue to be a witness to the love of God among the people of
Solihull and the wider world.
Our challenge is to build on existing goodwill by increasing the number of planned, committed givers, and increasing the amount of existing giving. Being a regular giver does not mean you have to be in church every Sunday. You can arrange to give a regular amount by standing order.
Our church is important to each of us and to the local community, but many of us take it for granted. We believe that it will always be there. There is no national or local government funding of the church so the bulk of our income needs to come from the congregation.

Could you help us reach our target of a £30,000 increase in regular giving to St Alphege by becoming a planned giver or by reviewing your current giving?
You and everyone who comes to St Alphege are asked to consider:
1. becoming a member of the Planned Giving Scheme by using a standing order for your giving, or if you are already a member,
2. increasing your contribution, particularly if you haven’t done so recently.
In either case can you please complete and return the standing order form supplied with this leaflet or use the form to request a set of stewardship envelopes? Standing order forms can also be obtained from the Parish Office, from the website (below), or by contacting Frank Upton (0121 705 2963).

We currently have 304 regular givers in the Planned Giving Scheme.
If each current regular giver gave an extra £6 a month (3 cups of coffee), our annual giving would increase by £21,900.
If an additional 30 people became regular planned givers averaging £30 a month, our annual giving would increase by £10,800.
The Gift Aid refund on these amounts would typically be around £7,300, making an overall annual increase of £40,000.
Of course some people leave the Planned Giving Scheme each year for a variety of reasons, and this can typically lead to a £10,000 drop in annual giving. But even with this, our target of £30,000 per annum would still be on track.

Many people are surprised by how much it costs to maintain the life, work and witness of St Alphege. Many people also think that the church has lots of money, but the truth is that as
a local church we have to be self-funding.
The challenge for St Alphege is that it costs £6,350 to run the church every week, but our total weekly income is only £5,770. Most of this
amount (£4,700) comes from the church community and Gift Aid, but over half of it comes from only a few givers, and that makes us vulnerable if for any reason their giving stops.
The balance mainly comes from services such as weddings and funerals. We therefore have an overall deficit and must act now if the church is to be financially secure.
All of us need to be giving an amount which is large enough to be significant to us - it is ‘planned’ regular giving, not an occasional charitable donation. Clearly, we need to fund the
worship, work and witness of St Alphege not only now but also into the future. It’s all about sustaining and growing our church.
Please consider this appeal prayerfully, reflecting upon God’s generosity in your own life and in thankfulness for the ways in which our church makes God’s love known to all in this community.

Forms required to setup or modify your regular donation : 

The documents are :

1. Two versions of the standing order form, one for new donors and one for donors who wish to change their standing order. Attached as a single document. The reason that there are two documents is that otherwise, when you amend a standing order, the bank may continue to process the old standing order as well.  
However, If you want to use this form please contact Frank Upton, who will advise you about the payment reference number that is needed.
Frank's details are on the form.

2. A standard Gift Aid declaration.
Solihull Parish,
16 Feb 2014, 20:00
Solihull Parish,
16 Feb 2014, 20:00