Solihull Town Centre Chaplaincy

Who are we?

The Town Centre Chaplaincy came into being in 2001 when the Touchwood shopping centre opened.  We currently serve the shops and businesses across the centre of the town.  We are a team of about ten people who come from local churches across the borough and we work in conjunction with the leaders of all the major faiths.

Why do we visit?

People are important- and a huge amount of the majority of people’s lives is at work.  As well as being a source of income the work place is where relationships and friendships are formed, dreams are fulfilled and at times maybe shattered; people’s lives are moulded and shaped.  Work can be a very positive experience and a source of great satisfaction.  Equally it can be a time of stress and anxiety, of worry and unhappiness.
We visit as chaplains to support in whatever way is appropriate – to affirm people in their work, to encourage and support when necessary and also to share in the joys and difficulties of life. If we are asked, we may help people to see their life events within the bigger frameworks of faiths.

The Chaplaincy Ground Rules

Chaplains are available to everyone regardless of his or her faith, or no faith.
Chaplains do not come to ‘convert’ people.
Chaplains guarantee that everything that is shared is confidential (within the limits of the policy for the protection of children and vulnerable adults).
Chaplains do not intrude where unwanted, will not interrupt work, and will respond in a timely manner to requests and invitations.
The support that is given is unconditional and non-judgmental.
The team leader is Beryl Moppett who is a Reader in the Church of England and a member of St Helen’s Church, part of the Solihull Parish Team.
Currently all members of the team are lay volunteers from different churches. We appreciate, and have contacts with, other faiths.

Chaplains in the workplace

Chaplains visit during working hours and the duration of the visit and frequency will be as is appropriate for the business concerned.
Chaplains will get to know the staff over the longer term by visiting regularly and listening – without interrupting work.
Conversations can range from the apparently trivial to the more pressing things of life such as relationships, organisational change, bereavement, health, loneliness, life balance, debt etc.
Chaplains will only discuss faith when asked.
Chaplains endeavour to be good listeners who care about the wellbeing of staff.
Solihull Town Centre Chaplaincy operates under the authority of Churches and Industry Group Birmingham and Solihull
Solihull Town Centre Chaplaincy is supported by Churches Together in Central Solihull which includes the majority of the main Christian denominations.
All chaplains are given training and the opportunity for ongoing development.  All follow appropriate Safeguarding, Health and Safety measures.
We are very happy to have a conversation with anyone who would like to know more about chaplaincy or who might consider becoming a chaplain.