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Reflections on Hymns and Songs August 2016

posted 20 Jul 2016, 11:48 by Solihull Parish

Writing about church music in the July edition of the Parish News has made me ponder the place of hymns and songs in my own life. Church music is part of me. From my earliest years, I was surrounded by hymns and anthems and just absorbed the beauty of them and experienced the joy that came from them. One of the two things that I particularly missed when I was in Africa for three years in my early twenties (apart from family and friends) was ecclesiastical music. I hadn’t realised the full extent of my feeling of loss until I managed to tune into the BBC World Service on Christmas Eve and listened to the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols from King’s College, Cambridge.

When I’ve hit low patches in my life, this bank of hymns and songs comes in very handy. It always surprises me just how many hymns and songs I know off by heart – the result of having sung them so many times. I can say the words in the darkest hours of the night; I can be reminded of the love of God through their words. The words bring me great comfort.

One night recently, I suddenly had this urge to write a set of summer reflections for you, taking a different hymn or song for each day in August. I have tried to provide a wide repertoire – but I apologise if it isn’t wide enough for you.

I have deliberately not added any commentary: I’d like the words of the hymn/song to speak to you without any comments that I make which might not lead you in the direction that God is leading you. I hope you will take some sustenance from allowing the words each day to sink deep into you and feed you spiritually. Most of the hymns/songs can be heard on U tube if you wish to be reminded of the tune. In the gospel for 17 July, (Luke 10: 38-end) we learn of the importance of being still and listening to Jesus/God speaking to us. I hope these reflections will enable you to do that.

Jane Kenchington

Solihull Parish,
20 Jul 2016, 11:48