Arranging a Baptism
Please do not arrange a time or date with friends or relatives before contacting us. The earlier you begin the process the more likely you are to find a suitable date.
Here is an outline of the process:
  1. Contact the Parish Office
  2. If you do not yet worship in any of our churches please come along. You really will receive a warm welcome and won't be left standing on your own feeling like a lemon!  
  3. If you are uncertain as to whether you want a Baptism or a Service of Thanksgiving tell the parish secretary and wait until after the Baptism Preparation evening (held twice a month in Church on a Wednesday at 7:30 – 9:00 pm.) at which you may discuss it further with one of the priests leading the session.
  4. Once a date has been confirmed notify your family and friends.
  5. A few weeks after the service a church visitor will call bringing either a Certificate of Baptism or Thanksgiving.
Questions people often ask

"What about godparents?"
Godparents go back to the days when most adult converts to the Christian faith had no Christian parents. Godparents spoke up for the baptised person and helped him/her to grow in the faith. Today, in the vast majority of infant baptisms, these tasks belong primarily to the parents. You should choose godparents who are more than just good friends or members of the family: they must believe in God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Their primary role remains that of supporting parents in bringing up the child in the Christian faith. The Church insists that they must be baptised and preferably confirmed, although the latter is not essential. You must have two godparents, one of either sex although you may have three, all of whom must be aged 16 or over and of sufficient maturity to appreciate their role.

"How much does baptism cost in the Church of England?"
Nothing. There is no charge. It is customary however, for an offering to be made; this will be explained at the preparation meeting. But if you genuinely cannot afford any offering do not be anxious.

"I'm a single parent. I want my baby baptised but am anxious about the kind of reception I'll get."
Don't worry: you will receive a warm welcome from the priest and all who are involved in the preparation, and from the Christian community. The Church will simply want to be assured, as with any other parent, of your own commitment to your child's Christian upbringing.

"My partner isn't a Christian and feels self-conscious and anxious about what we have to do in the ceremony..."
Even people who attend church regularly can feel nervous or shy, but there is no need to get worked up about it. Much will be explained during the preparation meeting at which you are encouraged to ask whatever questions come to mind. the priest taking the service will guide you through it step by step and explain to those attending what is happening and why. It is important that the day of your baby's baptism doesn't become an ordeal but a family occasion to be enjoyed. And don't worry if baby starts crying: that really is not a problem.

"Is there a short service that we could have after I leave hospital and before going home?"
Yes. It's called a 'Service of Thanksgiving'. Contact the parish office & a priest can either visit at home before your confinement or come to you in hospital to explain the service.
There may be many other questions in your mind not covered above.
Please feel free to contact the parish secretary if there are any further concerns.
Parish Baptism Policy
(available to download at the bottom of the page)

Child Baptism


  1. Any parent residing in the parish can request baptism for their child at a church in the team.

  2. Baptisms will usually take place at 4.00pm on Sundays (except in Lent) at St. Alphege, but may also take place at another time on Sunday afternoon at St. Helen’s or St. Michael’s chapel, in agreement with the Team Vicar. The baptism of regular church members may take place at a morning service if agreement is obtained from the relevant Team Vicar or the Rector in advance.

  3. If parents live outside the parish, the baptism can go ahead if they fulfill one of the following criteria:

    • They lived until recently in Solihull Parish

    • They were married at one of the churches in Solihull Parish

    • A sibling of the candidate was baptised at one of the churches in Solihull Parish

    • They have been regular worshippers at one of the churches in Solihull Parish for at least six months before the baptism enquiry.

    • A grandparent of the candidate lives (or has lived until recently) in Solihull Parish

  4. If the family has some other connection with the parish they may be eligible, but this must be referred to the clergy for a decision.

  5. If they have been attending a church in the team for less than six months then this should also be referred to the clergy for a decision.

  6. Anyone not residing in the parish must get permission from the vicar of their home parish in order for the baptism to take place here.




  1. Godparents must be Baptised.

  2. A Godparent can be baptised at the same service at which they act as Godparent candidate for baptism.

  3. The name of a Godparent can still be entered in the Baptism register if for good reason they cannot attend the service.

  4. A Godparent can, if desired, be represented by a “proxy” at the service if they are unable to attend.

  5. If an unbaptised person is not willing to be baptised before or at the service at which they wish to be a Godparent, they cannot be a Godparent or be entered into the register as such.


Adult Baptism


  1. Adult candidates for baptism should normally receive preparation by attending the “Just Explore” or equivalent Christian Basics course.

  2.  All adult candidates for baptism should be reminded of the requirement to consider Confirmation as well as baptism (Canons B23 and B24).

  3. If it is not possible for a candidate to attend the “Just Explore” course before their baptism, then they should attend a Baptism Preparation session for parents, and have an interview with a member of the clergy team (preferably with whoever is to officiate at their baptism). They should be invited to attend “Just Explore” when it next runs.

  4. The term “Sponsor” describes a supporting person for an adult candidate for baptism and confirmation and should not be used in conjunction with a child candidate.

  5. The same rules (6-10 above) that apply to Godparents apply to Sponsors.


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