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Arranging a Funeral

Not many people have had experience of arranging a funeral and so when a member of the family dies it may be the first time that you have had to do this.
Your initial contact should be through a funeral director who will discuss the arrangements with you and book the service.
In the Parish of Solihull funerals can take a variety of forms and it may be helpful to be aware of what may be possible.

The first decision to be made is whether the funeral will take the form of a cremation or burial of the body in a grave. Approximately 70% of funerals today are cremation but you must decide whether or not this is what you want.

A crematorium service usually lasts for 25 minutes. This allows time for two hymns, a short eulogy, a scripture reading, prayers of commendation and the committal. The eulogy may be given by the officiating priest, a member of the family or a close friend. The priest will usually wish to give a short address setting the funeral within the context of the Christian understanding of death. It may be possible to arrange for a longer time slot and this should be discussed with your funeral director.

A service in church will normally last for about 35 minutes. This will take a similar format but will allow slightly longer for the eulogy and the homily. Again it may be possible to organize a longer period of time but this must be arranged at the time of booking the funeral.

A requiem mass will last for about one hour. This is a funeral service structured around a celebration of the Holy Communion (or Mass) and should be considered if the deceased person was a regular communicant member of the church.
Christian funeral services can take several forms.
  • A simple service held at the Crematorium
  • A service in church followed by cremation or interment of the body in a cemetery.
  • A requiem mass followed by cremation or interment of the body in a cemetery.
  • A memorial service, or thanksgiving, held after the funeral.
Booking the funeral
You should discuss your requirements with your funeral director . The funeral director will contact the Parish Office directly to arrange the time for the funeral. A priest will be chosen to conduct the service and he or she will contact you and arrange a time to discuss the details of your requirements.