We seek to encourage active engagement by church congregations and individuals on issues of social justice and climate change with the aim of moving closer to being carbon neutral.

  • We aim to divest across the parish from fossil fuel companies – the PCC and each DCC and their treasurers will be asked to determine where their assets are invested and subsequently divested from any that are in fossil fuels.  This is in line with the 2015 Birmingham Diocesan motion that the National Investing Bodies should begin to divest from fossil fuel companies.  Several dioceses have now made this commitment.
  • We support the diocesan motion to be net zero by 2030 and will encourage all those responsible for our church buildings to look for ways of reducing their carbon footprint.  e.g. changing to LED light bulbs, improving insulation, reducing fuel consumption.  A yearly audit of progress will be made.
  • We believe in the importance of care of the planet and will have the care of the planet embedded across the church so that in decision making by committees and as individuals, the impact on the environment is considered.  Eco church audits will be regularly examined and used to encourage positive actions to continue to take place.