Churchwardens are elected annually as the senior lay people of the Parish. Together with the Clergy team, they are responsible for the governance of the Parish and its smooth running on a day-to-day basis.  They are the Bishop’s representatives, and work closely with the Bishop, Archdeacon and Area Dean. 

In Solihull Parish, we have two Parish Wardens, Pam Price and Andrew Williams.  We also have a team of Deputy Wardens for each of the District Churches.  Susan Gomm and Sheila Sayers are the Deputy Wardens for St Alphege.  Phil Godfrey and Jean Fewins are the Deputy Wardens for St Helen’s.  Merrill Flood and Keith Wilson are the Deputy Wardens for St Michael’s.  We are very fortunate to benefit from the skills, experience and time of the team of wardens, and we appreciate their commitment to our Parish. 


St Alphege

Susan Gomm

Sheila Sayers

St Helen’s

Jean Fewins

Phil Godfrey –

I have been a Deputy Warden at St Helen’s for 5 years, an interesting albeit challenging job sometimes. I was a Project Manager, (Track & Building) within the Rail industry for 40 years. My main role is now an Ambassador for APS Support UK, and tour the country talking about the condition.


St Michael’s

Merrill Flood

Keith Wilson

I have been a member of St Michael’s since 1969 and served on the DCC;  PCC; Deanery Synod; Diocesan Synod;  for varying periods and currently serve as Warden for St Michael’s; Deanery Synod; and Chair of the PCC.


Church Councils

The PCC (Parochial Church Council) and DCCs (District Church Councils) are the governing bodies of the Parish and are responsible for finances and for working with the Clergy team. 

Current PCC members

The PCC has created a series of committees, each chaired by a member of the PCC, which look after a key area of Parish life, ensuring there is appropriate growth and development in their area of responsibility.  The groups are:

  • Finance – Chair – Ron Crowdy
  • Employment – Chair – Andrew Williams
  • Children and Young People – Chair – Pam Price
  • Communications – Chair – Jenny Ladbrooke
  • Social Justice – Chair – Beryl Moppett
  • Mission – Chair – Chris Carrington
  • Buildings – Chair – Phil Godfrey