Solihull Parish Youth tries to offer something for everyone and we belief it’s important to share life as well as faith. If you have any questions then just get in touch! We have a range of activities and groups depending on what you’re into; whether you have some questions about God and life, want to grow in faith or just like hanging out with your friends and having fun…but don’t just believe us, here is what some of the young people say about us…

“….I like the fact I found myself through faith…”

“…the youth is like a second family…”

“…good food, good company, lots of fun…”



Every month the Parish Youth gather as follows;

1st Sunday - St Michael 10.30am, Our young people have a film review in which they discuss the film and how it is linked to their lives and faith. Each month they are given a film title to watch for the following month’s review. We also gather in the youth room on the Saturday evening before the 1st Sunday to watch the film together. We re- join the service for communion.

2nd Sunday - We worship with the congregation at the all age service at St Alphege at 9.15am in church.

3rd Sunday - We worship with the congregation at the All age service at St Helen at 10am.

4th Sunday - Young people meet at 9.15am to worship together in the youth room in the Oliver Bird Hall and join the service at St Alphege church to receive communion.

5th Sunday - Young people meet at 10am to worship together in the youth Hall at St Helen’s  and join the service in church to   receive communion


1st Sunday - 7-8pm at St Michael’s Chapel, an open session of sung worship in a relaxed and informal setting. Why not bring along an instrument, a song or just your voice.


3rd Sunday - 6.30-8.30 in the youth room Oliver Bird Hall. Reactive is for any young people that are interested in leading, leadership and helping to shape  future events for Solihull Parish Youth.